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Medical Visa

Upto one year or the period of medical treatment whichever is less. Visa can be granted to Attendant who is a blood relation to the patient and is co-terminus with the Medical Visa.


Documents from registered medical institutions/ doctors supporting the need for medical treatment along with letters from Indian medical institution.


The Visa Assistance information on this website are for information purpose only.

Please Contact the Indian Embassy in your country.

You can also contact MEDINIQ for assitance and aquiring documents for medical treatments.

Medical Attender person has to apply at the same time along with the patient.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Always Carry All Original Documents.
  2. Along with Passport, please carry address proof. Like Driving Licience etc,
  3. If You need a translator service, arrange it prior to your arrival. Mediniq Can assist you with it.
  4. Arrange accommodation, Mediniq has range of accommodation options.
  5. If you have Health Insurance always verify with the company for sanctions. Mediniq Can Assist you in this process.
  6.   If Government Grant for your treatement, inform prior.
  7. Always discuss payment mode before your departure.
  8. Carry all your medical records.
  9. Airport Pick up and drop is arranged by Mediniq free of cost.
  10. If any special or emergency case, special arrangements from the airport can be arranged for a charge to the airport authority.
  11. Mobile Sim Card is available to international visitors. Mediniq will assist you in getting it.