Medical Treatment in India

Mediniq is a unique medical tourism company in India. We send customer requiring medical treatment in India, abroad. Who need medical help including from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Nigeria and Tanzania.

What makes us unique is that:

  • We have established professional relationships with key hospitals and expert doctors to ensure you receive high quality treatment
  • Our experience and association with such institutions ensures value for money compared to domestic private health care.
  • We use hospitals which have accreditations like JCI, ISQua, NABH, ISO to ensure that they are of international standard.
  • The hospitals have dedicated international patient’s coordinators who are point of contacts between the patients, doctors and our company and help the patients as well as companions throughout their stay.
  • We send regular updates about the progress of treatment to the relatives back home so that they are at peace while there dear ones are home away from home.
  • We offer a complete service package from arranging treatment, travel, concierge services, accommodation, visas to directly contacting the hospitals and doctors that will treat you
  • We have medical experience of sending patients abroad and are professional in our approach to serving customers.
  • Our dedicated team has both medical expertise and international business management expertise and hence we can bet you we are best medical tourism company in India.

Our aim is to provide world-class medical treatment at affordable prices to our customers. We do this by acting as a partner to our customers to deliver quality services to the highest standards.

Mission Statement

The goal of Mediniq is to have satisfied, happy and healthy medical tourism environment. This is achieved by removing confusion, anxiety and surprise from the process of planning & making a health care trip. We do our best to meet our client’s expectations of finding the best healthcare solution for them.

Mediniq Advantages are:

  • Medical procedures availed at affordable prices from proven certified healthcare facilities & expert physicians
  • Comfortable and cost effective trip planning, journey, stay, tourist experience & recuperation.

Mediniq achieves this mission by:

  • Listening to our clients’ needs.
  • Being connected to our clients throughout the experience.
  • Establishing active direct communication between the client and physicians & medical facility even before the trip begins.
  • Learning from past clients’ experiences
  • Contracting & building relationships with certified medical facilities & experienced physicians worldwide
  • Having alliances with leading tourism operators worldwide.

You are in safe hands…

We have helped hundreds of people have treatment abroad, saving them thousands in treatment costs. We only use hospitals experienced in treating international patients with top class doctors so that you are in safe hands. You will have absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment/surgery while we will take care of you all the way.

Who need to get help for medical treatments in India from middle east countries including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates.

Mediniq – a unique medical tourism company in India